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Bringing together technology, policy and academic leaders

The Institute is a non-partisan, self-sustaining organization with leaders experienced in bringing together leaders in science and technology, government and academia.

Leveraging Cal Poly's Learn by Doing tradition

With its unique polytechnic approach to education, strong Learn by Doing tradition and teacher-scholar model, Cal Poly is the natural choice as the home of the Institute.

Designing practical solutions for real-world issues

The Institute presents real opportunities to invest in practical solutions to multi-faceted challenges that impact quality of life worldwide and threaten our future.


At the Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy, we explore today's most complex challenges in arenas such as energy, the environment, agriculture and government transparency. We identify and develop ways to use emerging technology to influence related public policy, and we partner with industry and government leaders to craft effective, real-world solutions ripe for implementation. Led by Founding Director and former State Senator Sam Blakeslee, the Institute's integrated approach to solving society's toughest problems engages the best and brightest students and faculty at Cal Poly, steeped in the University's Learn by Doing tradition and motivated to make a real and tangible difference in the world.


Picture of Senator Blakeslee

Former State Senator Sam Blakeslee founded IATPP to explore complex challenges facing the world

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