"The Institute at Cal Poly is an ideal staging ground for technologies that have the chance to positively affect both policy and citizen life.”

-Sam Blakeslee, Ph.D., Founding Director

Digital Democracy

screen shot of Digital Democracy

The Digital Democracy project has been one of the earliest and most ambitious projects of the IATPP, being almost continuously worked on for over ten years.

The project aims to bring transparency to the California Legislature, as well as provide journalists and citizens alike access to the largest and most comprehensive, searchable database of state-level legislative information including accurate transcription of all statements, record of all bills, votes, hearings, committee activities, campaign donations, gifts, behests and lobbyists registrations.

In March 2024, Digital Democracy was launched as a product of Cal Matters non-profit news corporation based in Sacramento, California. For an overview and description of the product, see the "about" page at CalMatters.

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