"The Institute at Cal Poly is an ideal staging ground for technologies that have the chance to positively affect both policy and citizen life.”

-Sam Blakeslee, Ph.D., Founding Director


Projects at the Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy (IATPP) address a spectrum of national and global challenges with a unifying strategy: applying technology to craft practical, near-term solutions.

Digital Democracy

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AI for Reporters

An AI-driven digital wire service that can automatically generate news articles, drafts and associated media content from structured legislative information sources.

Industry: Journalism, Media
Problem: Media consolidation has left statehouses withoutserious news coverage
Researchers: Khosmood, Dekhtyar, visiting scholar and 2 graduate assistants

Anti Bot and Influence Operations

Botnets are used to generate commercial spam postings on internet forums, but have they also been employed for political influence operations? We aim to find out by intentionally attracting Botnets using Honeypot networks.

Industry: Government / Elections
Problem: Influence operations on elections
Researchers: Khosmood, DeBruhl

Panoptyk Information Engine

Panoptyk Engine A game engine allowing for simulation of information exchange in society, Panoptyk would enable game designers to create playable, education-al content around trust, “fake news”, verifiability of events and misinformation.

Industry: Media, Education, Interactive Entertainment
Problem: Tracking patterns across information economies
Researchers: Khosmood and 2 graduate assistants

IOT Data Privacy and Security

We aim to study a selection of IoT devices and objectively record and analyse when, why and where they transmit information to outside sources.

Industry: Internet of Things Devices
Problem: Privacy/Security Concerns
Researchers: Khosmood, DeBruhl

Legislative "Language of Success"

Using state legislative transcripts and vote outcomes in thousands of bills, predict the best and most effective phrases, grammatical constructions.

Industry: Politics, Public Advocacy
Problem: With very limited time and resources, public advocacy nonprofits need help with crafting language in testimonies and legislation
Researchers: Khosmood, Latner

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