CalWave Leadership Team

Honorable Dr. Sam Blakeslee
Project Director
Former California State Senator and Assemblyman

Bill Toman
Project Manager
Nuclear Engineer

Dr. Dale Dolan
Faculty Scholar
Hood Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Dean Wendt
Faculty Scholar
Dean of Research & Director of the Center for Coastal Marine Sciences

Nick Osterbur
Project Administrator

George P. Schultz
Institute Advisor
U.S. Secretary of State (former)

Honorable Gavin Newsom
Institute Advisor
California Lieutenant Governor

Mike Florio
Institute Advisor
California Public Utilities Commissioner

Carl Guardino
Institute Advisor
President and CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group

James Boyd
Institute Advisor
California Energy Commissioner (former)

Dian Grueneich
Institute Advisor
California Public Utilities Commissioner (former)

Delaney Hunter
Institute Advisor
Director of Governmental Affairs,California Public Utilities Commission (former)