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Tech to Open the Legislative Sausage Factory

July 29, 2014

Patrick Marshall

Want to keep tabs on what your legislature is doing about funding bus transportation or implementing a carbon tax but you can’t afford to hire someone to go to committee hearings?  If you’re in California, you’re in luck.  Or at least you will be soon.

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Meet Sam Blakeslee: The Policy Entrepreneur

July 10, 2014

Anthony Byrne

As a person with a keen interest in politics, I recently read about the Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy (IATPP). This non-profit organization, civic-orientated think tank seems to be unique in its purpose: harnessing the power of modern technologies to disrupt the obstacles facing legislators and policy-makers to fundamentally reinvent a civic marketplace of solutions. But with no shortage of university public policy programs or nonprofit think tanks churning out commentary, reports and analysis, why does this organization hold any more promise than others out there? The answer, I believe, is in their founder.

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